How does this look?

Shimon Carrots in Brooklyn NY

Shimon Carrots in Brooklyn NY

Shayna the hard working bunny unpacks

Shayna the hard working bunny unpacks

Shimi and Shayna were sliding around on our bed and I think it looks like they’re trying to make the bed.  So funny!  Shayna was kinda violent about it though.  Ah bunnies!

I’m in Vancouver visiting my family for the holidays and missing my bunnies like crazy so I decided to search YouTube for bunny videos. 

This one is a hilarious bunny vibrator flick.  A real bunny gets humped by a toy!  Some kind of freaky bunny porn I’m sure Shimi and Shayna would love…Check it out.  It’s called Rabbit Massage but come on…we all know what this looks like.  That bunny is totally taking it from a robot and loving it…

Then there was this video of a rabbit and kitten “fighting”.  It’s adorable!  Reminds me of how Shimi played with Ariel’s cousin’s cat last Passover.  They loved to play.




This video of comedian Amy Sedaris putting rabbits to work in a bakery is funny yet concerning.  Those bunnies should not be nibbling on sprinkles!  I do appreciate all the adorable buns though in the video.  Shimi could school them all on camera.  He is so much more animated than those guys. 

Anyway check out this adorable video but don’t let your bunnies eat junk PLEASE!


I had a cute idea for my bun buns this morning.  I made them a special Valentine’s Day Breakfast with heart shaped carrots.  Check out the rest of the pictures of them chowing down here:



Shimi and my cousin Daniella

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I took a bunch of new pictures of Shimi and Shayna today.  Check out the sets here and here.




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