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I had a cute idea for my bun buns this morning.  I made them a special Valentine’s Day Breakfast with heart shaped carrots.  Check out the rest of the pictures of them chowing down here:


Our baby bunny Shimi was pretty jealous of Franklin so we got him some new toys to distract him.

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About a month ago we took Shimi outside for his first "walk".  Here are some pictures:

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Today Ariel and I bought some presents for our baby bunny Shimi.  We got him this Carrot Chew Toy, a salt/mineral lick since he loves to lick our sweaty feet, a set of Bark Chews and a Come Along Carrying Case in Medium.  

We got the carrying case for a few reasons.   So we can safely take him to the vet and maybe some day travel with him and so we have a safe place for him to hang out while we clean his cage.  We have a vet appointment on Friday so I decided to let him check out the case tonight just so he can get used to being in it.  I was shocked when he jumped into it on his own and seems to really like it!  He took a nap in it with one of the doors open while Ariel and I watched TV and ate dinner. 

I highly recommend getting one for your bunny because Shimi is a fan and it has lots of great feature.  It has two doors to give you easy access to your pet, two windows/vents for your bunny to breath and look out of,, a clip to add a strap that’s sold separately (I plan on using the one I have that came with my suitcase) and it has a nice sized pocket to put treats or his water bottle.  Check out these pictures of Shimi playing with his case:

Shimi in his Come Along Carrying case licking DaddyShimi on his Come Along Carrying caseShimi in his Come Along Carrying caseShimi in his Come Along Carrying caseShimi in his Come Along Carrying caseShimi and Daddy (Ariel)Shimi on Top of his Carrying Case

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