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Shimon Carrots in Brooklyn NY

Shimon Carrots in Brooklyn NY

Shayna the hard working bunny unpacks

Shayna the hard working bunny unpacks



I had a cute idea for my bun buns this morning.  I made them a special Valentine’s Day Breakfast with heart shaped carrots.  Check out the rest of the pictures of them chowing down here:


I got a new camera today and went a little overboard taking pictures of Shimi and Shayna.  I think they might be a little annoyed with me.  Here are my favorites of the lot.  You can see the rest here.

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I can’t seem to find my camera anywhere and it’s a real shame because my bunnies are so cute.  Shana and Shimi were snuggling nose to nose and making out.  They’re so in love and wonderful!  The pictures above are from a few weeks ago.  I love my bunnies!

Speaking of love…we had a scare the other day.  Shayna was acting really weird and refused to eat.  I tried giving her her favorite treats but she just wouldn’t have anything.  I started to get really worried when she was cuddling up to me.  Usually she’ll cuddle for a second or two and then nibble me and run away.  She’s a funny bunny who likes to chomp on us once in a while.  So when she started snuggling me and not wanting me to put her down I got really scared!

We took her to our local animal hospital at around 8:30pm and were there for hours!  I was so worried because they didn’t really tell us much and we were waiting and waiting.  Finally they told us they wanted to keep her overnight for observation.   I asked to see her before we left to give her some kisses.  They took us back to a room and we had to wait for what seemed like forever until they finally brought her (and Shimi who was staying with her for moral support) back to us.  She practically leapt into my arms when the woman came in the room.  Poor baby looked so scared from being poked and prodded.

I spent some time hugging her and singing her her regular bedtime lullabies and then suddenly she was back to normal!  She started munching down veggies like she was starving and being her hyper self.  I knew she needed to come home because she was miserable there so I decided to take her home and watch her myself.  The vet seemed annoyed and concerned but I assured them I’d watch her carefully and if anything changed we’d come back right away.  They gave us 4 different meds to give her and told us to give her oxbow formula.

When we got home she started eating like mad.  She finished all her veggies from earlier and some fresh ones I put in for her.  Then she started going at her hay like crazy.  It made me feel so much better.  Then she started running around the room doing her usual laps around the couch that make me dizzy and I knew she was all better.  It’s possible she had a toothache because the vet sanded down her teeth and gave her some pain killers and that seemed to do the trick.

Now she’s totally back to normal thank goodness but we’re still finishing up the meds she was given just in case.  And poor Shimi is totally jealous of all the attention Shayna’s been getting.  Every time I give her meds he looks at me and asks, where’s mine, like it’s a treat.  Silly bunny!

Anyway, so happy that Shayna is back to her crazy self again.  I love my babies!

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